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MOVE: video

beautiful video which makes me so happy to have done the traveling I’ve done and makes me yearn for more! [vimeo width="600" height="400"][/vimeo]  

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Vetusta Morla

A video from the Territorios Concert last night in Sevilla… Vetusta Morla – Dias Raros – Territorios Sevilla 2011 [youtube][/youtube] You can listen to the new Vetusta Morla album “Mapas” in its entirety on their website  

Double Cross

Three cheers for Nico!

Nico, one of my beloved design partners, has been featured in the online publication  Not only a website designer, Nico is an incredibly talented painter, inventor, and creator.  You can read the article and see more of his work here. Nico: Born in Argentina at the tail end of a military dictatorship, I moved to America early in life. A couple years of schooling in the heart of it all, the Midwest, I moved to southern Puerto Rico. The… Read more »


“Our Generation” film and Australia’s astounding treatment of Aboriginal Australians

I recently watched the screening of this film in Fremantle, and was shocked to learn just how blatantly racist the current policies of the Aussie government are toward Aboriginal Australians. As the mining industry grows, Aboriginal land rights are being sacrificed across the country, and basic human rights are being categorically ignored. Please watch this trailer and spread the word. (reposted from This project started out in June 2007, in response to the Howard Government’s controversial ‘Emergency Intervention’… Read more »


Affiliate Donations: Pakistan Flood Relief

As I mentioned earlier, I receive an affiliate check for each account with Sustainable Websites hosting – I would highly recommend them with or without this perk, and will continue to pass the cash on to various charities. I’ve just donated this round of affiliate dollars to the Pakistani Flood Relief funds through Relief International.  Thanks for all of your business!

View from the house on the hill

CocoVivo & “The End Of Location Dependent Life”

“We are leading a revolutionary lifestyle change that will soon be possible for almost everyone. No geographical, national, or political ties. We are people who have roots only on paper. We work in a different country every time our visas expire, and work wherever we can find internet.” -Ben Hanna of – read more here on Ben’s blog: “The End Of Location Dependent Life” Ben and I met in Panama at Coco Vivo, a co-working paradise where I spent… Read more »


Top 10 reasons to use for your website

This post was originally written by Adam Schwartz of Computer Courage, my former boss and mentor (thank you for the great post Adam!).  We discovered much of the world together, and both use it extensively.  This article (modified slightly from its original version) points out some of the key reasons that Adam and I continue to use WordPress for nearly all of our web development projects. TOP 10 REASONS TO USE WORDPRESS.ORG FOR YOUR WEBSITE WordPress enhances websites at every… Read more »

"Different sense of humor" -dan

updates from cwirka in ghana

my dear friend Dan Cwirka has just returned to Africa to complete another project for his organization Humanitarian Notes.  I had the pleasure of making a site for him (updated version in the works) and weaving together all the things that made me love web development in the first place – supporting good work, good people, learning, and travel. Dan has a knack for giving a great view of the country he’s in and making me laugh at every post. … Read more »


Charity:water Haiti Unshaken Campaign

I just donated my affiliate cut for Sustainable Websites (I get $20 per client who signs up for hosting) to Charity-Water’s campaign for Haiti. Great organization… “Helping Haiti recover by providing long-term clean water solutions. 100% of donations directly fund water projects in 11 areas in Haiti.”


blues & roots in fremantle

during the swell season’s set, Pixie’s frontman Black Francis makes a guest appearance… awesome show [youtube][/youtube]

blake earphones

an excellent way to start the day

my nephew Blake is one of my favorite skype contacts…he and my cousin Jess called while I was working, which was a great morning break from coding.. He wanted to show me a few essential head adornments…