CocoVivo & “The End Of Location Dependent Life”

“We are leading a revolutionary lifestyle change that will soon be possible for almost everyone. No geographical, national, or political ties. We are people who have roots only on paper. We work in a different country every time our visas expire, and work wherever we can find internet.” -Ben Hanna of – read more here on Ben’s blog: “The End Of Location Dependent Life

View from the house on the hill

Ben and I met in Panama at Coco Vivo, a co-working paradise where I spent much of my time working while in Bocas del Toro.  I had heard a bit about it before taking off to Central America, without even realizing how close it was to where I was already headed.  Upon landing in Bocas, and before I even had the time to investigate where Coco Vivo actually was, I had a chance run-in with the owner Ulrich at my friend’s hostel – I was destined to check it out.

home/office at cocovivo

A 20 minute boat ride through “Dolphin Bay,” aptly named for the numerous playful beasts in the surrounding waters, lands you at this spot which seems to be in the middle of nowhere.  It’s pretty much inaccessible except by boat, and the fact that it has Wi-Fi is only due to Ulrich’s creative wiring and satellite usage extending coverage from the next town over.  The whole property is run sustainably, complete with solar panels, composting toilets, recycled water, and the like, with coconuts and pineapples littering the ground around you.

eve and nathan in the kitchen/workspace

Living at CocoVivo opened my eyes to the endless places you can work – and how much you can enjoy traveling, exploring, and meeting new creative people who can greatly expand your network and give new life to your work… Now I find myself in Australia, where to next?

mini mangrove at cocovivo