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2020 Annual Report

by mangrove team
published on 05.01.2021
Mangrove team on Zoom

We are pleased to share that we’ve published our 2020 Annual Report. As we reflect on last year, it’s clear how our values-driven approach to work and work-life made the difference between success and mere survival in a year of “unprecedented” everything. With confidence in our team and our mission, we’ve moved into 2021 with curiosity, resilience and even hope.

A few highlights from 2020:

– Almost 70% of our revenue came from values-aligned businesses or businesses owned by women, people of color, or members of other historically marginalized groups.

– Our team grew by three and welcomed two team members to partnership positions (more on this soon!).

– We celebrated the launch of 20 new websites and rebuilds.

– We met our sustainability goals and offset our GHG emissions by 100%.


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