Mangrove Web Development is a team of location-independent developers and designers. Founded by an avid traveler, we’re sprinkled around the globe just like the mangrove trees that inspire our name. From San Francisco to Europe to New Zealand, we work together and remotely, building custom websites for organizations that make an impact.

We’re known for building flexible websites that adapt as businesses expand and change. Our clients say that we care about them, and it’s true. We stand behind their projects—from green energy and sustainable design, to groundbreaking product engineering—the websites we design and develop help our clients tell their stories.

We want your website to become a vital tool for growth and success. When a client tells us that their new site illustrates what they’re about, we know we’ve done our job.

  • Maiya Holliday

    Founder + Technical Lead
  • Taylor Monahan

  • Jonathan Denni

  • Alex Levin

    Design + Strategy Lead
  • Adam Hall

  • Megan Yarnall

    Operations Manager
  • Osayi Endolyn

    Content Developer

Our Principles

  • Transparency always

    Our clients are our partners. We make sure we understand your expectations, and we keep you informed throughout the process of building your site.

  • Design with purpose, then beautify

    Based on your goals, we begin with the necessary components for your site and add on from there. We’re not into adding extra fluff just because it’s trendy.

  • Anticipate and adapt

    One inevitable truth about business is that over time, things shift. We create tools that are forward thinking and flexible, so your site evolves with you.

  • Keep learning, stay creative

    Mastering the latest technologies can feel like herding cats some days, but we’re constantly discovering new toolsets or approaches that didn’t exist before.

  • Collaborate often

    Not trying to brag, but we’ve got some talented friends. If your project needs a skillset we don’t offer, we’ll either refer you to a trusted partner or bring on the appropriate support.

  • Empower the client

    Our ultimate goal is that you feel complete ownership of your site. Your website is a tool, and we’ll train you to get efficient use out of it.

  • Get outside

    We love an adventure and exploring new places. Turns out, a few of our best ideas were born beyond the computer screen, which helps us keep our energy up and minds engaged.