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The latest in technology, company culture, and other musings from the Mangrove team.

Artificial Intelligence Is Set to Shake Up Search Results

Emerging trends in Google search point to ongoing importance of SEO

July 17, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, from content creation to data analysis. And it’s beginning to impact how we search for information online. While SEO will continue to define useful content, AI will change how algorithms evaluate it. We take a look at what you need to know about SEO and AI.

A male is using a laptop computer in a cafe or coffee shop. He is performing a search on Google.

Tapping into the POUR Principles

How accessibility fundamentals can expand your audience

June 28, 2024

Your website may be visually striking, filled with valuable content, and capable of attracting an audience, but is it inclusive and accessible to everyone who might visit it? Despite the critical importance of digital accessibility, there is a fair amount of work to be done before truly accessible websites are embraced as the status quo, so it’s important to recognize where your own site may need improvements. While there are many small details that can make this process feel overwhelming, grouping accessibility requirements according to the principles of POUR can help provide clarity. We explore what each of these principles represent and how they can help expand your audience.

a laptop computer with a refreshable braille display sitting on top of a desk.

The Future of Design: Advocating for Diversity Through the Manitoba Studio Fund

Exploring the goals and impact of a collaborative scholarship initiative

April 24, 2024

One scholarship program alone can’t erase the systemic barriers faced by aspiring designers who identify as Black, Indigenous or as a person of color, but through the Manitoba Studio Fund, we’re addressing the issue head-on. In collaboration with Design Professionals of Canada and six other Manitoba-based design studios, the fund was established four years ago and has since awarded $9,000 to eight student recipients. We take a deeper look at the goals and impact of the scholarship.

A graphic designer working on a Macbook laptop using a trackpad, color charts and markers

5 Strategies for Optimizing your Donation Form

Practical tips to increase accessibility and enhance giving opportunities

June 17, 2024

It’s no secret that a cornerstone page on many nonprofit websites is the donation form. In many cases, donation forms are the primary channel for potential donors, making them a significant giving resource. Ensuring your form is optimized and accessible is one action that could enhance your fundraising efforts. Here, we explore five ways to optimize your donation form to increase giving potential and make it usable by as many visitors as possible.

A computer screen displaying a nonprofit’s donation form

How Mangrove Serves Startups

Dive into our work with 5 visionary organizations

April 8, 2024

Helmed by trendsetters, innovators and industry changemakers, startups bring something fresh to the marketplace—a product or service that can empower groups of people, fill vital gaps, or move industries in a different direction. Authentic branding and efficient websites are critical for their success. We dive into our collaborative work with 5 visionary startups.

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How to Use CRM Data to Inform Nonprofit Website Design

Tips to help your organization design a website tailored to your audience

March 26, 2024

Many nonprofits fret about the best way to approach website design without realizing they have an incredible source of information and guidance available—their constituent relationship management systems (CRMs). Here’s a look at some of the ways you can use this information to make more informed web design decisions that appeal to your audience and drive engagement. 

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