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The latest in technology, company culture, and other musings from the Mangrove team.

Website Accessibility and the Law

An overview of North American web accessibility legislation

September 7, 2023

It’s critical to ensure that everyone can use your website; first and foremost, it’s the ethical thing to do. Second, it’s good for business, and finally, it could keep you out of legal trouble. In the fifth and final article in our accessibility series we provide an overview of accessibility legal considerations in the U.S. and Canada.

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How We Team Sourced Our Company Values

We share our process so you can do it too

August 28, 2023

After sharing how we team sourced our company values in a B Corp webinar, we realized that sharing this information might be beneficial to our peers interested in doing the same. Engaging your team in identifying company values isn’t necessarily “easy” work, but it is a straightforward and extremely beneficial exercise.

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How To Get and Give Effective Design Feedback

Practical tactics for a successful collaboration between clients and design agencies

July 31, 2023

The most successful design projects happen with clear communication and collaboration between the design team and the client. At Mangrove, our clients play an integral role in how successful a project is by providing guiding information during discovery sessions and helpful feedback all along the way. The processes we use help us to clearly understand our client’s goals and vision. We know these can be unfamiliar, for new clients especially, so we put together a helpful set of practical tactics and insights on how to get and give effective feedback.

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What Is a Headless Content Management System?

Is this emerging website architecture right for your site build?

May 9, 2023

You’re likely familiar with the term CMS (content management system), a platform with a backend or content repository where editors can create, manage, and optimize digital content. Our beloved WordPress is an example of a CMS. Recently, the demand for a system that houses content and can display it anywhere beyond just a website has exploded. Enter what’s known as a headless CMS.

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Earth Month Musings

Sharing more than beautiful landscapes

April 24, 2023

Earth Day provided us with a humbling lesson this year that is worth sharing with our community. Without much forethought, we planned a photo slideshow to celebrate the “beautiful places that inspire our team to stay committed to sustainability.” And then we realized a glaring blind spot.

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Creating a Meaningful Impact Report

Tactics to make your next report easier and more engaging

March 16, 2023

At Mangrove, we’ve published an annual impact report since we became B Corp certified in 2016 and have helped many other organizations do the same. Over the years, we’ve discovered tools and tactics that make the process easier and result in a report that stakeholders are more likely to read. We’re sharing our insights here and hope they’ll make your next annual or impact report shine brighter with less effort.

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