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Empower your team with an easy-to-manage site

Mangrove builds fully custom WordPress websites that put our clients in control. Partner with us to build a high-impact site that’s easy to update as your business grows and changes. We want your website to be a powerful tool that tells your story and connects you with your audience.

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Work with a Socially Conscious Company

Our certified B Corp status reflects our values and keeps us aligned with our goal of using business as a force for good. For us, it’s all about the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

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Get an Effective Website, On Time

Count on our experienced team of designers and developers to deliver a high-impact, customized website — on time. Via our well-structured design-build-launch process, we will put a beautiful, well-tested website into your hands within weeks.

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Be Empowered to Update Your Site

We build flexible websites that make it easy for you to manage and update content as your business evolves. Our team provides training and documentation to help you take complete ownership of your site.

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Collaborate with our Diverse Team

Mangrove is a woman-owned web development company, and we are proud to employ a diverse crew of devs and designers. We are committed to facilitating the entry of even more women and BIPOC folks into design and coding jobs.

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We love what we do.

And we care about how we do it. View our recent work and favorite collaborations.

I appreciate that Mangrove is a woman-owned and ethically conscious B Corp and it was truly an honor to join their roster of companies served. We continue to be satisfied clients using Mangrove’s services for ongoing site maintenance. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Erin KimCommunications,

Who We Are

Since 2009, Mangrove's diverse and talented team has been building custom websites that amplify the message and increase the competitive power of the businesses we serve. Rely on us tell your story with a beautiful, powerful site that will grow with you.
  • Marie Koesnodihardjo

    Managing Partner + Project Manager

    As a project manager, Marie thrives on helping people achieve their best outcomes. She loves helping clients meet their business goals, and helping the team stay on task, on time and on budget. She is inspired by people who dedicate their lives to empowering others and manages Mangrove’s B Corp certification which enforces the company’s mission and values. Fun Fact: Marie represented Puerto Rico as a professional artistic roller skater, competing in the 2010 Pan American Games.

  • Megan Yarnall

    Managing Partner + Director of Operations

    Megan is inspired by people – their interests, their stories, their ideas. She is a whiz with cross-platform to-do lists and loves working directly with clients to tell their stories in a way that improves their business. She also appreciates having long-term relationships with repeat clients. When she’s not working with Mangrove, she works as an Individual and Family Therapist. There is a surprising amount of crossover in her skill sets. You might also find Megan climbing in Joshua Tree or around the Denver area where she currently resides.

  • Maiya Holliday

    Managing Partner, Founder + CEO

    Maiya is a creative leader and collaborator who crafts digital solutions to augment the impact of changemakers. She is a self-taught coder with over a decade of hands-on experience. In 2009 she founded Mangrove with the goal of building websites that help people do good in this world. Maiya aligns folks toward actionable goals that help articulate and communicate their organization’s purpose and impact on the web, with people, planet, purpose and equity at the core. She has led over 200 website projects for changemakers and purpose-driven organizations.

    Maiya enjoys the creative problem solving of her work, especially figuring out solutions that combine sharp technical thinking with real human experiences in mind. She values working alongside a diverse team of talented people who are passionate about what they do, and is delightfully intrigued by each of the clients Mangrove works with. Mostly, she loves collaborating with partners and clients who do meaningful work.

    Maiya led Mangrove to become a Certified B Corp in 2016 and has since championed the cause of socially and environmentally conscious businesses deepening their impact.

    A Bay Area native, Maiya now lives in the mountains of Truckee, CA with her husband Shaun and little humans Terner and Miles. You might also find her in Oakland or Australia, where she tends to show up a regular basis.

  • Andrew Boardman

    Creative Director

    Team member Andrew

    With one eye on the details and the other on the big picture, Andrew is a designer, artist and educator. He is the former principal at Manoverboard, which he founded in his Brooklyn apartment before moving to Canada in 2005 with his family. Andrew led Manoverboard to become Manitoba’s first Certified B Corp in 2013, winning numerous design and other awards along the way. Being part of the global B Corp community introduced him to Mangrove, which led to collaboration on several projects and Mangrove’s eventual acquisition of Manoverboard.

    Andrew is active in the B Corp and Canadian design communities and recently helped create a new scholarship for BIPOC design students. He also teaches design at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. He runs a Riso press, producing short-run artists’ books and periodicals. When not in front of the screen, he is an avid runner (well, mostly in Winnipeg’s warmer months) and draws and writes regularly. Prior to founding Manoverboard, Andrew worked at The Rockefeller Foundation, helping to manage a fellowship program that supported young leaders advancing small-d democracy and civil society. He received a BA from Brown University and an MFA from SUNY Albany, and he is a recipient of Fulbright and NYFA fellowships.

  • Senka Ibrahimpašic

    Front End Developer

    Senka is a Front-End Developer based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She started her career six years ago, and she loves being in a field that continually challenges her and encourages her to grow year after year. Outside of work, Senka has a passion for volunteering and DIY projects, and she always enjoys a good game night with friends.

  • Chae Clark

    Full Stack Developer

    Chae started making websites in the mid-90s, as one more way to copy his older brother. Since then, he has gotten 3rd place in a business plan competition at university, has moved from the USA to South America, and has organized a charity car show for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He spends at least 30 minutes every day tutoring students through various curricula at coding bootcamps. Chae loves solving tough problems with lasting solutions. Hopefully his brother is half as motivated.

  • Karen Niedzwiecki

    Senior Art Director

    Team member Karen

    A love of art and drawing led Karen to a career in design. After more than two decades in the field, she is an accomplished art director and senior designer with experience in both print and digital mediums.

    Karen is a strong creative collaborator with a keen eye for consistency and detail. She relishes taking a deep dive into diverse projects, initiatives, companies and the people behind them to create something beautifully purposeful.

    When not designing, Karen is happiest outside wandering or cycling a trail, especially with her Nikon camera in hand. She also loves playing music and is currently learning the ukulele.

  • Ivana C. Bogunovic

    Front End Developer

    Ivana is a creative at heart and loves crafting beautiful things. For her, web development is a natural outgrowth of that – taking great design and making it function flawlessly online. Based in Serbia, Ivana finds easy motivation in making sites she loves because she’s passionate about creating in a thoughtful way. Constantly learning new techniques, she is always ready for sharpening her skills. When not in front of a computer, you can find her enjoying time with her children, painting or crafting.

  • Antoinette Williams

    Project Manager

    antoinette on scooter

    Based in Copenhagen, Antoinette supports the success of our client projects from start to finish. She got her start in project management through her work in the arts and loves what she does because there are always avenues for growth and learning. Outside of “the office,” Antoinette enjoys art, traveling, yoga, reading and bike rides on sunny days.

  • Chloe Ross-Rogerson

    Project Manager

    Team Member Chloe

    Chloe got her start in the video production world and fell in love with all it takes to bring creative ideas to life. From spreadsheets to scripts, she brings her passion for storytelling along with a keen eye for detail and serious project management skills to every assignment.

    Chloe delivers her best work when she feels challenged, learns new things, and contributes to mission-driven projects. Her love of puzzles, solving complex problems, and devising new and improved systems and processes make her project management role a natural fit.

    Outside office hours, you can find her watching the latest indie film, working on a sudoku, cycling with her adventurous pup in tow or, as a multi-hyphenate hobbyist, enjoying one of her many projects in the works.

  • Nicky Wolfe

    Technical Coordinator, Developer & Designer

    Team member Nicky

    Nicky is a multifaceted Jamstack/WordPress developer with an appetite for learning. An early love of tinkering with all things digital led them to pursue web development in college. What they love most about their job is documenting, researching and improving best practices on all things code.

    Away from the computer, Nicky enjoys gaming, repair and restoration projects, and trying new things.

  • Gabriel Wyatt

    Senior Project Manager

    Gabriel stands outside in front of mountains, a forest and a lake. He is looking at the camera and smiling.

    Gabriel’s background and focus is on all things digital, from social media to websites, games, apps and AR/VR. He thrives on problem-solving and supporting teams through projects that have an impact and make a real difference in the world. He is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge of new technology and design principles so he can better support his team.

    Outside of office hours, you will find Gabriel deep in the world of WordPress, using his passion for the platform and PM skills to help friends manage their sites. He is also a spiritual life coach who values time spent meditating, reflecting and being in nature. On the flip side, Gabriel has a love for video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and movies.
  • Jonathan Denni

    DevOps Engineer

    Jonathan at Crater Lake

    Jonathan taught himself to code websites while he was still in high school to share photos from events where he volunteered as a photographer. To this day, he likes creating things that are useful and values companies that consider social good in their bottom line. With an intense focus on optimization and clean coding standards, Jonathan makes sure our code is always in tip top shape. He loves that Mangrove is a B Corp that’s focused on making the world better.

  • Valerie Pintar

    Front End Developer

    Valerie began her career as an Athletic Trainer and High School Sports Medicine teacher, but after a couple of years she started looking for alternatives with more opportunities for growth and re-discovered a childhood love of coding. The rest is history. She loves the outdoors, her dog Moose, finding creative solutions to unique design ideas, and seeing everything come together as she turns design concepts into functional sites.

  • Jenica Woitowicz

    Developer & Designer

    Team member Jenica

    Since early public school, Jenica has happily existed in the space between science and art. With a background in computer science and digital design, her professional sweet spot combines coding and critical thinking with her imagination to deliver creative web solutions.

    In addition to coding and customizing websites, Jenica supports monthly website maintenance for clients and contributes to Mangrove’s social media. Her other creative pursuits include playing and running tabletop role-playing games. Roll for initiative!

  • Daniel Lamb

    Senior Designer & Developer

    Team member Dan

    With the heart of a designer and a head for development and strategy, Dan is a digital chameleon of sorts. He thrives in the overlap between design and code and brings a wealth of complementary experience in related fields, including photography, illustration, 3D animation and product design.

    Dan loves solving complex problems, deep work, and collaborative design sessions with the rest of the team. When he’s not on the computer (as he likely is now), you’ll find him tinkering in his workshop, camping in Manitoba’s Whiteshell, or on a flight to some place new.

  • Aykan Burçak

    Front End Developer

    Aykan playing guitar

    Aykan is a developer based in Turkey. With nine years of experience under his belt, the thing he appreciates most about his career is constantly having the opportunity to take on new challenges and better himself. Aykan’s passions outside of work are basketball and music. He enjoys playing guitar and is always up for learning new instruments.

  • Victor Martins (aka “Martins”)

    Front End Developer + Webflow Expert

    Martins playing piano

    Currently based near Moscow, Martins is a self-taught developer from Nigeria with five years of experience.  He started his career as a designer, but was inspired to pursue web development when he saw what could be achieved through coding. He loves creating websites that solve problems and make life easier for people online. Outside of work, Martins enjoys playing the piano and listening to music.

  • Marcella Bechtel

    Project Manager

    Marcella with hat on laughing

    Marcella has always been passionate about working with mission-driven organizations that prioritize the planet and its people. She’s an advocate for the slow fashion movement, and even co-founded an organization aimed at influencing wardrobe choices that are environmentally and socially conscious. In her time away from the computer, Marcella loves biking, camping, yoga, and eating her favorite cuisine—Mexican.

  • Kelly Wallis


    Kelly Surfing

    Kelly is a graphic designer and artist based in Truckee, CA. Her fresh approach to design, enthusiasm to constantly learn, and adventurous spirit drive her creative process. Outside of work, she is a traveler, activist, volunteer, hiker, and human mom to two cats.

  • Laura Font

    Front End Developer

    Barcelona-based Laura started her career as a full-time developer in 2020, but she’s been building websites for fun since she was a teenager. She’s always loved to make things with her hands, and for her, coding is another way to create. She loves entering code onto a blank screen and seeing it transform into beautiful pieces of art. When she’s not working, Laura enjoys traveling, outdoor sports and having a nice meal with her family.

  • Shelby Neville

    Designer + Project Manager

    Shelby hiking

    Shelby worked in the nonprofit world for years, so when she pivoted to a career in design, bringing her skills to a mission-driven organization was a natural step. What she enjoys the most about her work is watching the evolution of ideas, from inception to visual reality. In her time away from the computer, Shelby enjoys yoga, practicing Spanish, and hopping on the train to explore different hikes around her home base in the UK.

  • Jennifer Wedel

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Jennifer and Caroline

    Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jennifer directs Mangrove’s marketing and communications campaigns. She keeps Mangrove’s messages aligned with its personality, business goals, and overarching purpose. In her non-work hours, Jennifer is raising a fierce child and running a volunteer community organization. In the winter, she builds some snow-people to guard the house then escapes to Guerrero, Mexico. Jennifer has a B.A. from the University of California-Berkeley and a law degree from Stanford University.

  • Alison Levin


    Teammate Alison in a hammock

    Alison is a designer based on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. She enjoys untangling ideas and turning them into accessible, digestible design. She feels most aligned when working with purpose-driven organizations.

    When she’s not working, Alison is enjoying nature with her pup Matza, volunteering at her local makerspace, and making things. Her craft business Burl Theory is another landing place for her creativity – Alison is currently playing with stained glass but dabbles in all sorts of crafts.

  • Rachel Dearborn

    Strategy Partner

    Rachel smiling with her dog by her side

    Rachel Dearborn (she/they) is a communications and brand strategist with over 15 years of experience working with social justice organizations in the US and globally to build powerful, meaningful brands and strong networks. Previously, Rachel led communications for Tides, where she spearheaded a rebrand while rebuilding the communications function from the ground up. Rachel also led the development of new narrative change technologies and tactics as Campaign Lab Director at Upwell and provided communications strategy and implementation to various nonprofit and foundation clients at Spitfire Strategies.  See more on Dearborn’s website.

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