Mighty Networks

Growing Niche Brands and Businesses

Mighty Networks is the leading online platform to build businesses and networks. Amongst the sea of online tools needed to build a successful online network, Mighty Networks stands out as the hub to engage and inspire users.

The Mangrove team was brought in to develop three projects: Niche Name Generator: an interactive naming tool for niche brands; the Niche 100: a microsite highlighting the most creative online niche brands; and MightyNetworks.com: a refresh to improve the overall design and editing experience of the marketing website for Mighty Networks.

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“Mangrove Web Development’s efforts have fostered increased web traffic and sales. The team brings an energetic mindset to the development process, and their optimism is infectious. Future clients can anticipate an organized and talented development partner.”

Gina Bianchini,
CEO, Mighty Networks

The Ask

Our partners at L+R directed the UX/UI Research & Strategy for the Name Generator portion of the project, interviewing users and prototyping a tool that gets and keeps people engaged. Our team executed the designs and engineered the logic behind the Name Generator, ensuring a great user experience with helpful and inspiring results. Since its launch, we have continued to work with Mighty Networks to strengthen the logic behind the Name Generator. Today, their Niche 100 microsite allows aspiring entrepreneurs to explore some of the most creative and compelling online brands.

Go find your niche!

For the main website refresh, we created a WordPress site that has a bold and consistent design. The Mighty Networks marketing team can easily update the website without wasting internal engineering resources when new landing pages are needed.

Mighty Networks has seen an impressive boost in site performance since the relaunch of MightyNetworks.com. Total page size was reduced from 37MB to 2MB, page load time was reduced from 4.9 seconds to 1.2 seconds, and the time it takes for a user to begin seeing content on the site decreased from 1 second to 0.7 seconds.



Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Strategy
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