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New Energy Nexus Lithium Map

Accelerating the world’s energy transition by helping entrepreneurs succeed

New Energy Nexus (NEX) is an international non-profit supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs with a robust ecosystem of funds and accelerators. For nearly 20 years, they’ve tailored innovation systems and programs to the specific needs of entrepreneurs in different regions. NEX California’s one-of-a-kind lithium map illustrates where investments in the United States are needed most and will support their ongoing efforts to supply essential resources to clean energy startups.

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NEX Lithium map - operations on map

The Ask

NEX California recently developed the first comprehensive map of the US lithium supply chain, integrating infrastructure data along with social, economic, and environmental metrics to highlight areas where investments are needed. This initiative was a collaborative effort with researchers at UC Santa Cruz, resulting in a rich database.

The team at NEX California asked Mangrove to create a custom API integration and responsive front end development for a single webpage that would display the interactive map within their existing WordPress site. The map, hosted on Google Earth, needed to allow for various data layers to be toggled on and off, enabling users to view specific information related to operational sites, as well as the social, economic, and environmental metrics of the counties and states where the sites are located.

The Solution

This project was unique and engaging for our development team. The custom API integration built by the team pulls data from ArcGIS into the map, seamlessly integrating it into the client’s existing WordPress site. Through careful research, troubleshooting, and complex problem-solving, our team was able to overcome challenges related to data mapping and performance capabilities.

Collaborating closely with our partners at FourFin, who designed the map interface, we worked together to determine what would be possible from a technical perspective and how best to display the data in a way that would be meaningful and easy to use.

The resulting map is groundbreaking, showcasing key trends in battery and EV supply chains within the US, highlighting current job locations and future projections, and overlaying socio-economic indicators for the first time. Our custom API solution brought this data to life in a format that is unique and informative.

NEX Lithium Map Labor Policy Indicators for Colorado
NEX Lithium Map default about view
NEX Lithium Map Operation details
NEX Lithium Map operations legend
NEX Lithium Map Manufacturing tab


  • Enhanced data visibility and usability: We transformed a vast quantity of data into an easily accessible and interactive map.
  • Living map: The data team will continue to update the ArcGIS database, allowing new sites and data to appear on the map as they become available.
"Working with Mangrove was seamless and easy, and the results speak for themselves. We now have a powerful visual of the current state of the lithium supply chain in this country, which will aid our work in advancing investment in an equitable lithium supply chain."
Melody WhiteCommunications Manager, New Energy Nexus California
Communications Manager


  • Custom API Integration

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development

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