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Geode Health

Connecting people with the mental health care they deserve

Geode Health’s mission is to transform the delivery of mental healthcare in the United States and connect everyone with the care they need through holistic, flexible, tailored treatment offered both in-person and virtually, within days.

A quick turnaround time for this new WordPress site enabled Geode Health to bring their site in line with new branding and collateral ahead of a key stakeholder event.

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A design element from Geode Health. There is a stock illustration of a physician and two people together at a table.

The Ask

The team at Geode Health wanted their website development project to enhance their visitors’ experience and clearly tell their story to stakeholders. To achieve this and to create a site that could be optimized and iterated over time, they were keen to receive strategic direction regarding their site’s information architecture and explore custom WordPress development. Additionally, they wanted to consider solutions like custom API integrations to automate location data and move away from the time-consuming and error-prone manual process they were currently using.  

Desktop and mobile device mock-up of Geode Health home page. It shows off the design elements, circles and rounded edges. There is a mono-coloured purple theme.

The Solution

To deliver a flexible and optimized resource with improved functionality, unique design elements and thoughtful navigation, we teamed up with external design partner Best Friend Jack and chose to build Geode Health’s new site on WordPress. Using custom code and API integrations, we were able to tick the required functionality boxes and provide Geode Health with a streamlined way to update data and tracking information, all within a very short project timeline. Our project management, design and website development teams worked closely with Best Friend Jack to bring the site to life with clean, modern and welcoming visuals. The new website experience allows Geode to continue their work efficiently, tell their story clearly and put their best foot forward with their community of stakeholders. 

Geode FAQs section, Answers to common questions about TMS therapy
Geode Our Team section, with the headline "Hiring the best of the best in mental healthcare". Each team member is arranged in a circular ring surrounding the Geode logo.
Geode Mood Disorders section, showing off the image masks and an accordion of content about Mood Disorders that they treat.
A screenshot from Geode health showing off the design elements, circles and rounded edges. There is a mono-coloured purple theme.
Geode Find a Location section, showcasing a slick clickeable accordion.


  • Very fast timeline
  • Unique homepage animation 
A screenshot from Geode Health, which demonstrates text and images, in a call to action layer to find care near you for depression and other mood disorders.


  • Custom API Integration
  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Strategic Direction

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