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Environmental consultanting focused on projects with a net-positive impact

Custom-built features allow this organization to leverage and organize their content rich site. WRA is an employee-owned environmental consulting company that partners with non-profits, public agencies, and private companies on forward-thinking projects that support the intersection of humans and nature.

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The Ask

Though WRA already had a website, the structure and platform didn’t support the amount of content the team wanted to leverage. Their vision for a new site included changes to the content structure and strategy and a flexible admin view that would give them design autonomy and seamless content management.  Our partners at Good Stuff Partners designed this beauty for us to construct.

WRA home screen in a laptop
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A page from WRA website showing images and text

The Solution

Due to the volume of content, we chose to build the site on WordPress with plenty of custom features to offer creative freedom across different pages and content blocks. One of the areas that the WRA team wanted control over was color, because that’s how they denote different service types and sections on the website. Our developers created a clever color picker that gives backend users a plethora of options that can be employed site-wide. Headings, backgrounds, text, buttons, button text, display cards—almost everything can be color-customized.

In addition to building new modules, we also educated the WRA team on how to reuse existing modules to add extra pages as needed, saving them time and money by avoiding scope additions. Our work gives the WRA team better agility and control to display their impactful restoration, outdoor space, and sustainability projects while bringing attention to the company’s culture, values, and mission.

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Though it’s sometimes challenging to balance tailored functionality with ease of use, we’re proud to have given the WRA team the flexibility to be creative with their modules while still keeping the design consistent across the board.

Since some sections of the website required different header menu and logo configurations, we gave content editors the freedom to customize these modules without needing developer support.

screenshot of Wordpress color picker for WRA
A homepage from WRA website showing images and text


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development

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