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We’re Supporting Purpose-Driven Organizations this Holiday Season

by mangrove team
published on 12.14.2021
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Each year, Mangrove commits a portion of our time and money to a range of nonprofits that align with our team’s ethos and vision. From pro-bono projects to volunteer hours and financial contributions, we believe in doing what we can to support organizations that make our world a better place.

One of our favorite ways to fulfill our philanthropic commitment is by inviting each member of our team to direct funds to an organization of their choice. During this season of giving, we’re celebrating the ways we’ve collectively made a difference in 2021 by sharing some of these organizations and why they are meaningful to our team members.


Movement Generation is an all-around amazing organization that I admire for their commitment to liberation. I think of them as the stewards of a future that is queer and re-imagines everything, especially the way humans relate to the environment and to each other.” – Marie



“When I was a kid, I got an orangutan toy which led me to read a lot about them. I appreciate how they are seen as gardeners and the fact that they are crucial in maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem. If orangutans were extinct, several tree species would be too, and the whole ecosystem would be out of balance. Right now, their population is highly vulnerable and that’s why I chose to donate to The Orangutan Project.” – Senka


“I chose Reno Food Systems to empower the volunteers and employees that make the nonprofit run. I support their vision of an interconnected local food system that supports personal health, environmental sustainability and economic viability.” – Kelly



“Access to abortion is a women’s rights and health issue. If a woman is already struggling financially or in any other challenging situation, having a child just because she can’t access an abortion is not going to help. Tea Fund supports all access to abortion.” – Megan



Angels of Love is an organization that I volunteer with whenever I can. Giving back to terminally and critically ill children always gives me a reality check. It reminds me not to sweat the small stuff and to slow down and appreciate how fortunate I am. Also, seeing a smile on a child’s face and knowing I put it there brings me joy.” – Yara-Nee


“I wanted to give to an organization that recognizes the human cost of environmental destruction and drives effective change to fix those problems. Global Witness’ investigations expose human rights and environmental abuse, enabling exploited communities to recover and protect their natural resources.” – Jonathan


“We’re all powerful creatures as humans, and we have the ability to change many things in our lives, except our health. That’s why I think it’s important to support Losev, an organization that aids children with Leukemia and Cancer and their families.” – Aykan


“I chose the Sierra Club because I cherish my time outdoors, and they aim to protect our wilderness and promote responsible ways to enjoy it!” – Valerie


“The Relevance Initiative is a non-profit located in West Africa, Nigeria and it’s mainly run by young, vibrant people. Selecting their organization was my way to provide more funding for their outreach and orphanage visits, as they don’t really have major sponsors to fund their work.” – Martins


“I am a leader with ISAIAH, which is a multi-racial, nonpartisan coalition of faith communities fighting for racial and economic justice in Minnesota. We help people find common cause in their faiths and in their visions for what ‘beloved community’ can look like in the Upper Midwest. ISAIAH’s members come from churches, mosques, temples and other faith communities, from Black barbershops, childcare centers, and other community based constituencies. ISAIAH encourages my fellow Minnesotans to move further along on the bridge between passive consumer of politics and leader of change.” – Jennifer


“Earlier this year I had the pleasure of collaborating on an art exhibition with one of Project New Village’s board members, Kamaal Martin. When speaking about PNV, he was so passionate about what they are doing and how they can offer more to the community. It was extremely impactful. I’m so glad Mangrove offers this opportunity and that I was able to share it with this awesome organization.”
– Antoinette

Learn more about our philanthropic commitments in our Annual Impact Report here.

Photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash


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