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Client Spotlight: Beneficial State Foundation

Building the Clean Air Vehicles Program

by maiya
published on 06.12.2019
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Here at Mangrove, we can proudly say that we believe in what our clients do, and that’s one of the many reasons we love what we do. Today, we’re taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on Beneficial State Foundation’s (BSF) Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP). We partnered with BSF to build a customizable WordPress website that shares information about CVAP and the important work they’re doing to support low-income families in California.

BSF provides qualifying families with grants to purchase hybrid or electric vehicles, making carbon- and cost-saving clean vehicles available to everyone, regardless of income. The organization also hosts events to create awareness about the environmental and money-saving benefits of owning a clean vehicle. Focusing on communities with particularly low air quality where rates of asthma are high and rates of outdoor activity are low, BSF is making an even stronger impact. “From an equity standpoint, we prioritize our CVAP outreach and engagement in areas hardest hit by air pollution because these communities stand to benefit the most from reduced tailpipe emissions,” says Program Director Jhana Valentine. “Poor and minority communities tend to be most impacted by pollution so it is important to us that resources and support flow to these communities to help alleviate the burden of an unhealthy environment.”

In 2014, California legislation passed the Charge Ahead Initiative (SB 1275), which builds on existing California law to reduce carbon emissions due to environmental and health concerns. According to the legislative text, “seven of the ten most polluted cities in the USA are in California, where low air quality disproportionately impacts low income and vulnerable communities.” The text also states that “vehicle emissions are the single biggest contributor to California’s air pollution.” Equal access to clean vehicles is a key tenet of the bill, and BSF is uniquely positioned to support the Charge Ahead Initiative because of their close working relationship with Beneficial State Bank (another B Corp and Mangrove client!).

To date, CVAP has been so popular that there is now a waiting list for applications. The BSF program is doing great work, and we were thrilled to build a website that shares their mission and helps them drive success.

Learn more about CVAP:



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