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Stop Wall Street Looting

Urging voters to take action against private equity wealth extraction

The nonprofit coalition Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) approached Mangrove to create an action-oriented microsite to uphold its goal of rallying supporters of the Stop Wall Street Looting Act (SWSLA). SWSLA is designed to curb private equity firms from extracting wealth at the expense of communities, employees, and businesses.

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collage of images: Wall Street, two business men, and someone at work

The Ask

AFR wanted a microsite to galvanize voters to action by enabling them to easily contact their representatives. The second priority was to display updates, resources, and stories related to SWSLA to educate and inspire action.

Our main development focus was simple yet vital: clearly present the issue, provide educational content, and incorporate an embedded form with a seamless user experience so users can contact their representatives and demand change. 

stop wall street looting homepage screenshot

Our Solution

Mangrove was responsible for content strategy and development, and collaborated with our partners at Manoverboard for the site design. AFR already had an Action Network account, so our developers used existing resources to integrate the current account and allow users to email their representatives right from the microsite.

Mangrove handled content strategy by researching similar sites and organizations and providing a content outline, suggested user actions, and a framework for resources. Manoverboard headed up the design with a discovery that focused on the reactions users would have that would urge them into action: namely rage and discomfort with the current footprint of private equity.

Private Equity screenshot
Private Equity Stories & News screenshot
Private Equity screenshot
Private Equity legislator form
A page from Stop Wall St Looting website showing images and text


The use of colors and textures to inspire emotion and action enhances the efficacy of the movement toward private equity reform.

Private Equity mobile screenshots
Private Equity various screenshots


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development

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