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The New Americans Campaign

The leading national collaborative devoted to increasing rates of naturalization

The New Americans Campaign empowers aspiring citizens. Their creative and coordinated approach offers a connection to vital resources and support. Since 2011, their work has contributed to 627,000+ new citizen applications. Visitors to the redesigned WordPress site will find it easier to access information, including resources, events, and partners. Partners will have better access to training materials, sample documents, and legal resources through the private partner portal. The refreshed site will help the New Americans Campaign support even more aspiring citizens.

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The Ask

The work of the New Americans Campaign has made it easier to access information about naturalization. The team wanted to highlight this success in a redesigned and reorganized website. To do this effectively, website development work would be needed on both the public-facing website and the private partner portal. They were also keen to streamline information and develop a site to attract new donors. We were asked to explore responsive front-end and custom WordPress development.

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The Solution

To meet the needs of the New Americans Campaign, we worked on both the public site and the private partner portal. Our team used WordPress and a customized version of the Ultimate Member plugin. We implemented advanced search functionality across various pages and implemented an advanced form setup. Additionally, our team migrated a significant amount of vital content from ACF WordPress to Gutenberg WordPress using custom queries.

The success of this project was a collaborative effort. Dearborn Strategies provided the content strategy, and Flight Design delivered a lively and user-friendly design. 

The new site is well-organized, giving potential citizens and partners better access to information. The sleek design and Blackbaud embed create a seamless experience for users to donate to the NAC’s initiatives. Meanwhile, enhancements to the private partner portal feature improved taxonomy, allowing seamless resource and event submissions. The New Americans Campaign team also has greater freedom in managing and editing the site, according to their needs.

NAC screenshot
NAC screenshot
NAC screenshot
NAC screenshot
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  • We used the Facet plug-in to display an interactive map on the Find Local Help page. The template searches multiple post types to better connect site visitors with partners and resources near them.
  • The web pages are interconnected. For example, events or resources that are submitted to the partner portal can be featured on the Find Local Page.
  • A Blackbaud embed was set up on the Donate page.  
  • Flight Design created a website design that conveys complex information in a beautiful, digestible way.
  • Dearborn Strategies provided a thoughtful and engaging content strategy that set the stage for a well organized site.  


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Strategic Direction

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