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Is Our Economy Fair?

Educating activists to create a better financial system for all

"Is Our Economy Fair" is a project of the Take on Wall Street campaign. TOWS was created in 2016 to address the predatory economic power of big banks and billionaires, and to build a financial system that works for everyone. Today, their organization is a coalition of over 50 groups hosted by Americans for Financial Reform.

When we first connected with the Take on Wall Street team, they had powerful content, slides, imagery and teaching modules on paper, but they were ready to bring them into the digital world. With the onset of the pandemic, their workshops could no longer be held in person. They also recognized the importance of an online platform that would make their valuable resources available to a wider audience.

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The Ask

Take On Wall Street was eager to create a new website titled “Is Our Economy Fair,” which would serve as an interactive learning hub for their audience. Their site required separate content galleries that mimic the teaching structure they use when presenting the information face-to-face.

The Solution

We brought on our friends and trusted partners at L+R to create the content strategy and design of the new website. While they dreamt up the visual direction, our team went to work on the back-end. There were plenty of opportunities to customize unique functionality for a highly engaging user experience. 


Line Drawings and SVG Animations

We created SVG (scalable vector graphic) animations to bring content to life. Take a peek at the maps in galleries 1, 2, 4 and 5. The lines being drawn on map 1, gallery 4 are a team favorite.

Interactive Movement

We implemented horizontal scrolling to help organize the breadth of content, and incorporated scroll triggered animations to help illustrate each section’s lesson. Horizontal scrolling can create usability challenges if a user is expecting the classic top to bottom scroll functionality, so we implemented various instructional elements to support users as they move through each section. It took a lot of brainstorming, experimenting and user feedback, but in the end, we are happy with the way users can move through this rich content. 

Bring whatever ideas, visions, or dreams you have, and see what’s possible; the Mangrove team can do a lot. Be transparent and don’t hold back. Expect them to deliver good quality — hire them.
Ericka TaylorPopular Education Manager, Take on Wall St. (Is Our Economy Fair)

Galleries, Notebooks + Q&A

We developed a solution for users to answer questions and save their responses throughout their learning journey. As site visitors move through each gallery, they answer multiple choice, sliding scale and open-ended questions. Each time they enter a submission, they get instant feedback on their answer, and their answer is saved in a “notebook.” At the end, they can send their answers to themselves via email. 

lehman quiz
TOWS screenshot A
The microsite was met with positive feedback, with internal and external stakeholders describing it as phenomenal. It also generated triple the traffic of the group’s home website. Mangrove accommodated all of our client requests. They were patient, creative, and highly collaborative.
Ericka TaylorPopular Education Manager, Take on Wall St. (Is our Economy Fair)


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Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Graphic Design

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