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For the Many

Giving power to everyday people for a better New York

For the Many is a nonprofit organization that’s building a grassroots movement of everyday New Yorkers to make the state beneficial for all communities—not just billionaires, corporations, and political figures. For the Many strives to give power back to the people by pushing legislation and getting involved in elections to tackle critical issues like healthcare, housing, climate change, and racial justice.

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The Ask

Though For the Many has achieved a myriad of victories since its inception in 2012, they lacked a digital hub that effectively educated the public about their mission, campaigns, and grassroots initiatives.

The team at For the Many saw an opportunity for a centralized location where they could communicate their work and garner engagement from the community, and at the same time, hone an online identity that encapsulates their action.

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The Solution

We took For the Many’s wish list, along with a design from our friends at Good Stuff Partners, and coded a website that tied together all the facets of what the organization is trying to accomplish. We built the site on WordPress and leveraged tools that were already working well for For the Many—like ActBlue to process donations and a nonprofit-specific CRM for managing volunteers and campaigns—to keep processes seamless for their team.

One of the custom features we’re proud of is a dropdown on the nav bar that allows the user to toggle the site’s language between English and Spanish. Now, a visit to the website immediately reveals what For the Many is doing on the ground for residents in New York, what they’ve accomplished, and how fellow New York residents can get involved.

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Because we focus on adaptability and ease of use when we’re building WordPress sites, it empowers smaller teams to be creative when adding content. For the Many has taken ownership of how they use the “Updates” section of the website beyond just news—they’ve filled it with job postings, FAQs, and other timely information for their community.

We also made it easy to embed Airtable forms on the frontend of the site to streamline data management for inquiries and internship applications.

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  • Custom API Integration
  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development

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