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Funding the construction and redevelopment of attainable housing

With a polished, professional and well-functioning WordPress site, this community-minded capital provider can better tell their story as leaders in the affordable housing movement. Techo is a mission-driven debt capital provider seeking to end America’s housing crisis and strengthen communities by funding innovative real estate developments that result in attainable housing.

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image of modern wooden building

The Ask

Although Techo had an existing Squarespace website, they wanted an updated and more professional version that would help them position the organization as changemakers and leaders in the attainable housing space. Their team wanted a website that would resonate with their audience, tell their story, and convey their unique value. It was also important that their new site function as a tool to highlight projects and successes to potential partners.

Techo hero image screenshots for desktop and mobile views

The Solution

To better share Techo’s story, convey their values, and showcase their work, we developed their new website on WordPress. This enabled our team to use various types of content, including custom animations, which enhanced the site’s elevated feel and brought the impact of Techno’s projects to life. A critical part of this project was the design work carried out by FourFin Creative. We collaborated closely with our partners at FourFin, who established the foundation for the project with modern and elegant branding and website design. The site also incorporates striking graphic elements to further illustrate the impact of Techo’s work in the attainable housing space.

mobile screenshots from Techo website
screenshot of various pages from Techo website


  • Custom animations, including project cards
image from Techo website of Attainable Housing projects
Screenshot from Techo website highlighting key statistics for their company
Screenshot from Techo website
Screenshot from Techo website
screenshot from Techo website highlighting their mission to finance innovative real estate
images of modern buildings
The team was very responsive, particularly at the end as we were driving tweaks before launch. They adapted to run at our timelines and helped us juggle several unexpected changes. The new site has resonated thus far with prospective clients looking to be more up to speed on what we offer and our ethos. It has helped to position the company more clearly in the eyes of the market
JP AckermanCo-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Techo
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development

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