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Shaping a better world with inclusive, collaborative decision-making

The CivicMakers team is deeply dedicated to the craft of collaborative decision-making. Their work is focused on empowering local governments and other players in the civic space to co-create solutions to public challenges.

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civic makers design

The Ask

When we first spoke to the CivicMakers team, they had just undergone a major brand messaging and identity exploration by Dearborn Strategies. They were looking for a web design and development partner to expertly bring their new branding to the web. Using CivicMakers’ strong visual identity as a foundation, we teamed up again with Dearborn Strategies for content and L+R for design to craft this information-rich site to meet their current needs and empower them to expand over time.

civicmakers desktop screenshot

The Solution

The new CivicMakers website was built to tell an immersive story about their unique approach, while centering the user experience and moving users along the ladder of engagement. The site features a robust Resource Library which offers learning tools for the civic community. The website also integrates with Zoho to streamline the flow of data from their website to the CRM.

civicmakers phone mockups
We are very lucky to have found an incredible partner in Mangrove Web. They helped us translate our new brand into a delightful, engaging representation of our team and our work. We couldn't be happier, and are so excited to see where it takes us.
Lawrence GrodeskaCEO, CivicMakers
civicmakers scrolling screens


We love the elements of delight and playfulness featured in the website execution, including the curved and stair-case edges between sections, the use of brightly colored building blocks throughout the content, and the mad lib element featured on their inquiry forms. We are confident that CivicMakers’ now has a digital platform that will grow with them as they continue to impact the civic space.

Civicmakers contact form
Civicmakers website screenshot
Civicmakers website screenshot displaying recent work
Civicmakers website screenshot
Civicmakers website screenshot
Civicmakers website screenshot


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development

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