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Modular buildings for modern families

Factory_OS is a Bay Area startup transforming the housing industry using offsite construction techniques.

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A huge warehouse of Factory OS

The Ask

The team needed a site with clear and consistent messaging that reinforced their unrivaled experience and ability to influence the housing industry using innovative construction methods. With some major investments and a press on the horizon, the company needed a modern, persuasive B2B website built on a tight timeline. Our main goal was to provide a great user experience, prompt potential investors and clients to gain an immediate understanding of the concept, and provide an easy channel to get in touch.

We're not just building homes We are manufacturing the future

Our Solution

With our design partners, we worked to create a modern design that highlights the unique approach to housing development as well as the iconic Mare Island shipyard where Factory_OS construction takes place. Our content partner at Diverge Labs created authoritative copy, digital marketing direction, and an SEO framework in preparation for the company launch. The site is custom built on WordPress and is fully responsive, making it easy to navigate on any device. The final product appeals to prospective investors, policymakers, workers and partners.

Factory Icons


  • WordPress

Our Role:

  • Responsive Front-End Development
  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Identity / Branding
  • Content Strategy

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