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Just Futures

Connecting nonprofits and their workers with values-aligned retirement plans

A reconceived and newly built website helped this financial sector organization tell their story and connect with nonprofits that want to offer retirement plans that deliver social and environmental benefits. Just Futures is a platform to connect nonprofits and their workers with retirement plans that are increasingly aligned with the needs of people, communities, and our planet.

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The Ask

Just Futures had done extensive research into the needs of nonprofits around retirement plans. They had developed a suite of offerings and wanted to build a new website that would clearly communicate who they are and what they offer. Since they were a new company, they also wanted to make sure it had a robust content management system that could scale as they grew.

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The Solution

We built a customized WordPress site informed by a content strategy from partner Dearborn Strategies and incorporating design work from partners at Flight Design. The site is easy to navigate, digest and understand, and its growing resource library can now easily handle additions. The organization’s website meets basic accessibility best practices and can now handle expansion as its needs evolve.

just futures about us and our story
just futures website, 3 cards displaying levels of portfolio options
just futures website, how it works page
just futures website get started page
just futures home page


We built a “hover” function to highlight definitions of terms that might not be familiar to visitors. These pop-up panes of text are accessible to screen readers and remove the interruption of jumping to a separate linked page. They also keep overall site content concise.

just futures website screenshot displaying a hover function in which a definition is brought up when hovering over certain words
We are looking forward to enjoying the added credibility that comes from having a professional website and easier access to information by our clients. Everyone helping us with this project provided excellent guidance, and the mini video vignettes training us on the WordPress site's background were perfect.
Mika WeinsteinCOO, Just Futures

Our Role:

  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Strategic Direction

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