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How Mangrove Serves Nonprofit Clients

A spotlight on 5 groundbreaking organizations

by mangrove team
published on 11.14.2023
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Nonprofit organizations are at the heart of communities big and small. They dig deep into solutions for societal challenges, provide guidance and support where it’s needed most, and help individuals find their way to a better life.

One of our goals at Mangrove is to use our skills to amplify the good work we see in the world, particularly the work of organizations that aim to elevate the voices and stories of others. We give them the best possible tools to share their story, advance their mission, and engage with their audiences. A strong visual identity that reflects an organization’s values and helps it stand out from the crowd is one such tool. A modern, accessible, and engaging website is another.

We are grateful to have a substantial number of nonprofit clients, particularly those who are creating positive change in the areas of environmental, social, and racial justice.

Meet five such organizations who have made it their mission to help others and the environment, and who are taking meaningful steps toward creating a better world:


Environment guardian: Sierra Club Canada

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation is a volunteer-led, democratic nonprofit that empowers people to be leaders in protecting, restoring and enjoying healthy and safe ecosystems. Their work is grounded in the values and principles of the UN Earth Charter: Respect and Care for the Community of Life, Ecological Integrity, Social and Economic Justice and Democracy, Nonviolence, and Peace.

Their climate and clean energy-related work opposing Equinor’s offshore oil and gas projects is just one example of how Sierra Club Canada is making an impact on the environment and in the lives of those affected by environmental issues.

Through customized WordPress design and development, we helped Sierra Club Canada reposition its website to connect, engage, and inspire new and returning visitors to take action. The redesign was also an opportunity to improve the site’s accessibility and reduce its environmental impact. Key components include reworked features for donors, members, and subscribers, an interactive map, and a multilingual plugin. The site also conforms to Level AA Accessibility standards.

Explore our work with Sierra Club Canada


Community booster: Tipping Point

Investing in organizations that impact early childhood development, education, housing and employment is how Tipping Point is fighting poverty in the Bay Area. Last year alone, they invested $31 million across their four areas of impact. 

As part of their broader aims, Tipping Point strives to partner with and strengthen nonprofits. Their POC-Led Executive Fellowship program is designed by and for leaders of color, with the goal of reflecting the racial diversity of a community in the leadership of the nonprofits that serve it. This program is one element of their significant work.

We worked with Tipping Point to develop a customized WordPress site that communicates a contemporary and compelling message regarding its vision of a Bay Area community where everyone prospers. Crisp, captivating imagery and an integrated job boards plugin are two key elements of an updated digital space that is easy for visitors to navigate and use.  

Explore our work with Tipping Point


New technology steward: Elemental Excelerator

This Hawaii-based organization is advancing climate technology by providing funding, design and development support to innovative startups and companies dedicated to making an impact through clean water, energy, agriculture, and transportation systems.

According to the announcement of cohort 12, with this most recent cohort, Elemental Excelerator is “investing in transformative technologies crucial for heating and cooling our homes, reimagining critical resource extraction, advancing carbon removal, transforming our food system and so much more.”

In 2017 Elemental partnered with Emerson Collective’s Elemental initiative. When they rebranded as Elemental Excelerator, they needed a website that could communicate their mission and manage applications for their two funding tracks, with a quick turnaround before application season began. Our collaboration resulted in a WordPress site that brings to life the spirit of this energetic and inspiring nonprofit while providing essential backend functionality for its users and staff. 

Explore our work with Elemental Excelerator


Housing provider: Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (SHCLA)

Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (SHCLA) provides environmentally sustainable and affordable housing for people living with serious mental health challenges in Alameda County, CA. Through community-driven membership that allows for ownership of the land, their organization is able to provide stable, supportive rental housing for low-income individuals.

Among their other services, SHCLA works to build relationships with neighbors and encourages residents to participate in the governance of the properties they live in.

When we first connected with SHCLA, they were ready to expand their website into a more comprehensive digital hub. Working together, our team developed a new site on Webflow, redesigned the logo and established a look and feel for the website that would evoke feelings of calm, home, and healing. SHCLA now has an accessible, multilingual website that effectively communicates their story, offers flexibility for the future, and allows their audience to easily access information, explore resources, and get involved.

Explore our work with SHCLA


Joyful educator: Prospect Sierra

Prospect Sierra is an independent TK-8 school in the San Francisco Bay Area. They deliver groundbreaking education that encourages self-knowledge and compassion for others. As part of a diverse and inclusive community, students experience a joyful environment that fosters a lifelong passion for learning.

Beyond standard classes, Prospect Sierra offers an extended program for students before and after the regular school day, athletics opportunities, summer programs and the Prospect Sierra Institute.

We created a fresh, functional website to help this independent school look ahead positively to the post-pandemic era and amplify its core values of love, justice, innovation, and impact. Captivating visuals, compelling messaging and customized back-end modules ensure that the new site meets the growing needs of Prospect Sierra’s team, conveys its vibrant and embracing community, and continues to showcase the school’s values and accomplishments. 

Explore our work with Prospect Sierra

We are continuously inspired by the work of nonprofits. If our skills can support your organization and help you continue your important work, connect with us today. We would love to be a part of your story.

A Certified B Corp, Mangrove is a woman-owned website design and development company with a diverse, talented team distributed around the globe. We’ve been building websites since 2009 that amplify the work of change-making organizations and increase the competitive power of businesses owned by historically marginalized people.

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