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How Mangrove Serves Nonprofit Clients

A spotlight on 5 groundbreaking organizations

November 14, 2023

Nonprofit organizations are at the heart of communities big and small. We use our skills to amplify the good work we see in the world, particularly the work of organizations that aim to amplify the voices and stories of others.

A group of hands placed on top of a tree trunk.
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Mangrove Web Development’s 2021 Annual Report

What we've accomplished in 2021 and where we're headed

June 9, 2022

As a diverse, female-owned, and certified B Corp web development company, we operate our business based on our values. We’re…
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Two Exciting Honors is an Awwwards and Anthem Awards nominee

February 11, 2022

Our global Mangrove team is thrilled to announce that, a project of the Take On Wall Street (TOWS) campaign, is an Awwwards nominee and a finalist in the first-annual Anthem Awards.

Anthem Awards
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How to Budget Your Website Project

A Lengthy Guide

August 18, 2021

“How much will my website cost?” Believe it or not, there is a simple answer that applies in all circumstances. “It depends.” Sorry, but … not sorry. It’s true. At least, it’s true if you want any degree of customization and/or assurance that the job will be done right.

graphic of a triangle with colored text on each side; one side reads duration, one reads scope/customization, and the last reads expense.
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Meet this Environmental Nonprofit Preserving Mangroves

Celebrating our Namesake

April 26, 2021

Mangrove trees are pretty amazing. In honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing an interview with Alfredo Quarto, Co-founder and International Program and Policy Director of Mangrove Action Project (MAP), an organization that we are proud to support. MAP’s work aims to boost awareness of the importance of mangroves with hands-on curriculum and community involvement.

Local Papua New Guinea boys in front of Mangrove Trees
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Content Strategy for Purpose-Driven Orgs

Tips from a Trusted Partner

January 5, 2021

Lindsay LaShell, owner of digital marketing company Diamond + Branch, is a trusted partner and valued collaborator. We asked her to share her expert opinion on why content strategy particularly matters to purpose-driven organizations. Here’s what she had to say.

Puzzle Pieces
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Content Strategy for Your Website

A tour of Mangrove's process

November 20, 2020

When you get strategic advice for developing your content, your website then becomes a masterful storytelling and conversion tool. Ideally, your website should efficiently guide your visitors to the information they want and convince them to take actions that will engage them more fully with your services or products.

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Client Spotlight: Law Office of Helen Lawrence

Holistic Immigration Representation

March 24, 2017

Helen Lawrence, Bonita Gutierrez, and Gabriela Monico are the trio that make up the Lawrence practice. They offer deportation defense and representation in affirmative immigration processes to the Bay Area’s diverse immigrant population. The practice directly represents families and individuals before immigration courts and agencies, managing over 175 open cases at any given time. Providing low-cost legal services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese is just one aspect of the support the firm extends to immigrants seeking accessible and effective legal representation.

Immigrants make America great
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Client Spotlight: World Trust

Breaking Barriers for a More Equitable Future

February 15, 2017

World Trust is a leading organization in social justice. They work with clients to address systemic racism and unconscious bias, by creating workshops, films, and a robust curriculum that gives people the tools to learn and evolve. Mangrove Web has worked with them to create an online presence for their groundbreaking materials.

Shakti Butler on stage
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