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How Mangrove Serves Environmental Advocacy Clients

A look at 4 changemaking organizations

by mangrove team
published on 03.11.2024
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Environmental advocacy organizations strive to protect ecosystems, tackle climate change issues, and promote sustainability. As the need to take action against climate change and ecological degradation becomes increasingly urgent, the work of these organizations rises in importance. 

As a purpose-driven digital agency, our mission revolves around using our creative and technical expertise to support changemaking organizations with the tools that enable them to do their best work. For organizations spearheading transformational environmental initiatives, inclusive, user-focused websites and brands that speak to the heart of their story can be two of the most impactful tools.

At Mangrove, we’re proud to include purpose-driven organizations, fellow B-Corps and non-profits committed to environmental change among our community of clients. We’re shining a light on 4 organizations who have made remarkable strides in conservation, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and environmental justice.

Revitalizing environmental advocacy: Sierra Club Canada Foundation 

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation is deeply rooted in grassroots activism and dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Canada’s wild places. With an impressive history reaching back to 1892, the organization has an outstanding track record of advocating for conservation and environmental stewardship in Canada.

When the team contacted us about rebuilding their WordPress website they outlined three key objectives—to foster pride and trust among new members and visitors; to tell the story of the organization’s impact and achievements in a compelling and engaging way; and to increase and amplify their connections locally, nationally and internationally.  

As an organization committed to sustainability, SCCF also wanted a website design that would be gentle on the planet and accessible to visitors with physical disabilities and restrictions on bandwidth speed. As a company that shares this commitment we were eager to lend our expertise and support.

The redesigned site offers increased usability, reliability, and credibility by refining features tailored to donors, members, and subscribers. Integration with a third-party customer relationship management system ensures smooth functionality, while a custom WordPress setup gives chapter and project leaders more freedom to manage the website as they need.

Explore our work with Sierra Club Canada

homepage of Sierra Club Canada website


Accelerating the adoption of  sustainable solutions: Elemental Excelerator 

Elemental Excelerator, a non-profit based in Hawaii, provides funding, design, and development support to start-up teams and companies dedicated to creating a positive impact in clean water, energy, agriculture, and transportation systems. As of 2023, Elemental stands as the second most highly networked climate investor, coming in only behind the National Science Foundation.

Our longstanding relationship with Elemental Excelerator goes back to 2015, when we began managing their website. In 2017, they formed a partnership with Emerson Collective’s Elemental initiative. In response to their evolving needs and brand, we worked with them to revamp their website, making sure it effectively communicates their mission and facilitates application management for their funding tracks.

In collaboration with our design partners, we developed a website with custom features that reflect the energetic, sophisticated, and friendly ethos of the Elemental Excelerator team. The site brings to life the work and spirit of Elemental Excelerator, while supporting their team with the backend functionality required. 

Explore our work with Elemental Excelerator

Homepage of Elemental Excelerator webite


Empowering clean energy entrepreneurs: CalSEED 

CalSEED is a program committed to propelling energy innovation throughout California. They provide financial aid and professional development assistance to a diverse range of clean energy entrepreneurs. The program prioritizes projects in clean energy, efficiency, and energy storage, with a special focus on aiding vulnerable communities. By reducing pollution and ensuring reliable energy services, particularly in areas susceptible to natural disasters, CalSEED is making a significant difference. In 2023, $4 million in grants were awarded by CalSEED to early-stage clean energy innovations across California.

When CalSEED first approached us, their goal was to improve their existing website to better showcase the entrepreneurs supported by the fund. They wanted to highlight their innovative climate solutions to celebrate participants and encourage others to apply. Equally important was educating ratepayers on how their contributions shape California’s more equitable energy future.

We revamped CalSEED’s website on WordPress to make it more user-friendly and manageable. Collaborating with partners at Manoverboard and Diverge Labs, we created a streamlined information architecture and incorporated engaging animations to reduce the reliance on text. The result is a website that empowers the CalSEED team to efficiently manage content while highlighting the program’s impact on California’s clean energy innovation.

Explore our work with CalSEED

Homepage of CalSeed website


Driving sustainable transportation: Clean Vehicle Assistance Program 

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is a pilot grant program for helping lower-income California residents purchase a new or used hybrid or electric vehicle. Developed in collaboration between the Beneficial State Foundation and California Climate Investments (CCI), its goal is to ensure that eco-friendly transportation options are accessible and affordable to all. 

With over 4,438 clean vehicles now on the road and 860 participants from disadvantaged communities enrolled in the program, its impact is significant, providing accessible pathways for individuals to adopt environmentally friendly transportation options.

As the program was new, it needed a website, branding, marketing content, and a name. With our partners at Diverge Labs, we guided the clients through the naming and content strategy process to ensure clear and consistent messaging before developing the logo and brand guidelines. 

The new website seamlessly integrates with CVAP’s HubSpot-based application process, featuring clear calls to action and carefully curated content. To make the website accessible to all, the site is available in both Spanish and English and is fully ADA-compliant.

Explore our work with the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program 

Homepage of Clean Vehicle Assistance Program website


The partnership between Mangrove and our environmental advocacy clients highlights our joint dedication to promoting positive change and sustainability.

Working together, we contribute to a future that prioritizes sustainability and resilience, recognizing the importance of every individual and organization in safeguarding our planet.

If our skills can support your organization and help you continue your important work, connect with us today. We would love to be a part of your story.

Photo by Baptiste Buisson on Unsplash.

A Certified B Corp, Mangrove is a woman-owned website design and development company with a diverse, talented team distributed around the globe. We’ve been building websites since 2009 that amplify the work of change-making organizations and increase the competitive power of businesses owned by historically marginalized people.

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