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Our Services: Content Strategy

Craft a Captivating Story

You have about 4 seconds to convince your visitors to stay on your website. Make it count. Keep your visitors engaged and focused on the actions you want them to take by developing clear and concise content. Our content strategy process gives you step-by-step guidance to get it done.

Deliverables for Content Strategy May Include

Content Audit

As part of the content audit, we will request you to provide us with all current marketing collateral for review. If this content includes an existing website, we will map all current content against both your audience’s needs and the organization’s future goals to surface content we can reshape, repurpose, dispose of, and improve upon.

Voice + Tone Guide

If your current brand guide does not include a “Voice & Tone” section, we will provide one to give clear direction for writing effective content for your website and all other marketing collateral.

Key Content Matrix

This matrix points the way toward successful content planning. For each key audience, we define their goals, the impression we want them to have, and how the brand should express itself. The answers to these questions point the way towards key content that the website must provide to each audience.

Information Architecture + Sitemap

Information architecture is the information skeleton of the site. We distribute the key content into buckets of related information to guide the development of a site map (list of pages) and navigation menus (how those pages will be presented to the site users).

Content Outline

Content strategy gives you an outline to follow — crafted by a website conversion expert — in order to write your story in the cohesive and abbreviated way that website visitors demand.

Using the insights gained during strategy sessions, the outline recommends content that will keep your visitors engaged, and funnel them through your site toward the actions you want them to take.

Expert Tips for Website Writing

If needed, our content experts will provide guidance to your writers on how to write engaging and scannable content. Website content best practices employ strategies to capture your users’ attention within seconds, keeping them on the page to hear your message loud and clear.

Mangrove is

A growth catalyst

We create your site to match your needs — both current and future. Your take-away will be a powerful and expandable business tool.


Our preferred clients include sister B Corps, other change-making companies, and businesses owned by historically disadvantaged people.


Our tech team is over 50% female/non-binary. Our leadership team is 100% female/non-binary. We seek to level the playing field.

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By careful choice, we are not a full-service digital agency. Instead, we partner with a variety of fantastic people who offer a range of services that many of our clients need. We can bring them into a project or refer you on—just ask.

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