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Our Services: Brand and Identity

Memorable at a Glance

In a crowded market, your brand and visual identity are critical to standing out from others. Effective visual identities are accessible and mesh perfectly with all of your design elements, expressing your organization’s unique qualities and characteristics.

Based on insights gathered from strategy sessions with you, we’ll craft a logo and other brand components, such as typeface and color palette, that will serve you well for years to come.

Deliverables for Brand and Identity Design May Include

Brand Purpose or Story

Outlines your organization’s “reason for being” and position in the market or community. It might include your vision and mission, positioning statement and the tone and personality of your brand.

Logo and Wordmark

A logo might include images, shapes, or emblems that identify and promote your organization. The wordmark is the style and typeface for the name of your organization. Effective logos and wordmarks are easy to understand and recognize and become synonymous with your brand.


Brands usually have two or three complementary typefaces (a family of related fonts) for specific applications (e.g., headers, body text, wordmark). Type is an essential part of your organization’s identity and must work with all the other brand elements.

Color Palette

A set of colors specific to your brand helps to convey your organization’s energy, tone, and personality. We will create a color formula for your logo, digital assets, and print materials.

Photography and Graphic Elements

Some brands include specific photographic styles or themes, graphic or illustration styles, iconography, and patterns. Photography and graphic elements work together with the other components of your brand to convey a distinct and cohesive message.

Brands Standards Guide

Brand standards help to ensure the consistent look and feel of your brand. Anyone creating visual or written communication for your organization can refer to this document for guidance about each brand element. From color formulas and typeface proportions to notes on accessibility, a style guide guards your brand’s integrity over time.

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We create your site to match your needs — both current and future. Your take-away will be a powerful and expandable business tool.


Our preferred clients include sister B Corps, other change-making companies, and businesses owned by historically disadvantaged people.


Our tech team is over 50% female/non-binary. Our leadership team is 100% female/non-binary. We seek to level the playing field.

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