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Our Services: Website Design

Creative Execution of Strategic Underpinnings

Successful website design requires a creative approach and thoughtful attention to optimizing the user experience on your site. Our design process starts with the insights developed during early strategy sessions. Your website design will work with your content to engage your visitors and guide them toward action. All websites we design are optimized for use on mobile devices and incorporate best practices mobile for accessibility and user experience.


Deliverables for website design may include

Brand Guide

A short-form brand and identity guide provides instruction to content writers and designers to ensure they follow the defined tone, look, and feel of your brand. It memorializes your brand colors, fonts, name and logo usage, and tone of voice.

Mood Boards

An important early check on design direction, mood boards present a collage of representative imagery, design elements, colors, and fonts, along with our designers’ explanations of how their selections represent and reinforce the brand.


Working hand in hand with the information architecture and sitemap, the wireframes present a layout for each key page of your website.

Design Mockups

A key decision point, mockups combine the wireframes with actual design elements including imagery, icons, colors, and fonts. This is where clients often say they can see their website “coming together.”

Modular Page Templates

Modular page templates use building blocks to provide both flexible formatting and design cohesiveness and integrity. We build all pages using a specific set of modules, which clients can also use post-launch to build new pages without sacrificing design integrity.

Custom Illustrations

Our designers can develop custom illustrations when necessary to communicate your brand identity and/or enhance the presentation of information.

Animation Strategy

Animations are a tested-and-true way to capture user attention. Used improperly, however, they become a distraction. Our design strategists will provide expert guidance and when and how to use animations.

Mangrove is

A growth catalyst

We create your site to match your needs — both current and future. Your take-away will be a powerful and expandable business tool.


Our preferred clients include sister B Corps, other change-making companies, and businesses owned by historically disadvantaged people.


Our tech team is over 50% female/non-binary. Our leadership team is 100% female/non-binary. We seek to level the playing field.

We've got you covered.Decor for We've got you covered.

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By careful choice, we are not a full-service digital agency. Instead, we partner with a variety of fantastic people who offer a range of services that many of our clients need. We can bring them into a project or refer you on—just ask.

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