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Brand Identity

How Mangrove Serves Startups

Dive into our work with 5 visionary organizations

April 8, 2024

Helmed by trendsetters, innovators and industry changemakers, startups bring something fresh to the marketplace—a product or service that can empower groups of people, fill vital gaps, or move industries in a different direction. Authentic branding and efficient websites are critical for their success. We dive into our collaborative work with 5 visionary startups.

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Investing in Your Brand During Economic Downturns

Key reasons to invest in your brand during uncertain times and strategies to strengthen it

January 17, 2024

Whether or not there’s a full recession in 2024, one thing is clear—if it’s a possibility for your business, investing in your brand and marketing can be extremely valuable during uncertain times. We explore some of the key ways your business can benefit from investing in your brand in an economic downturn and strategies you can use to strengthen it.

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How To Get and Give Effective Design Feedback

Practical tactics for a successful collaboration between clients and design agencies

July 31, 2023

The most successful design projects happen with clear communication and collaboration between the design team and the client. At Mangrove, our clients play an integral role in how successful a project is by providing guiding information during discovery sessions and helpful feedback all along the way. The processes we use help us to clearly understand our client’s goals and vision. We know these can be unfamiliar, for new clients especially, so we put together a helpful set of practical tactics and insights on how to get and give effective feedback.

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