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Women Leaders

How our Agency is Supporting Women in Tech and Beyond

Why it matters

September 21, 2021

As a women-led business, our team is committed to supporting other women in the workforce and within our communities, but the reasons go far beyond old-fashioned feminism. Supporting other women is smart business that has positive ripple effects on our society and our planet.

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Our Agency Turns 10!

Looking back at the past decade of Mangrove

June 18, 2019

As we wrapped up the month of May at Mangrove, I felt that it wouldn’t be right to pass by our 10 year Mangrove anniversary without taking a moment to celebrate it. My mom might be the only one who reads this entire post, but this exercise in its own right is an important one. It’s always good to make time to celebrate the wins, look ahead, and recommit to where we’re going. Over the last decade, I have been lucky to work with an amazing team, and with many clients that continue to fulfill my original vision of creating websites for good people doing great work. Here’s a peek into the history that made us who we are today.

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Client Spotlight: World Trust

Breaking Barriers for a More Equitable Future

February 15, 2017

World Trust is a leading organization in social justice. They work with clients to address systemic racism and unconscious bias, by creating workshops, films, and a robust curriculum that gives people the tools to learn and evolve. Mangrove Web has worked with them to create an online presence for their groundbreaking materials.

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