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How To Get and Give Effective Design Feedback

Practical tactics for a successful collaboration between clients and design agencies

July 31, 2023

The most successful design projects happen with clear communication and collaboration between the design team and the client. At Mangrove, our clients play an integral role in how successful a project is by providing guiding information during discovery sessions and helpful feedback all along the way. The processes we use help us to clearly understand our client’s goals and vision. We know these can be unfamiliar, for new clients especially, so we put together a helpful set of practical tactics and insights on how to get and give effective feedback.

A Mac monitor sits on a desk surrounded by a color palette book, an iPad displaying various color combinations with an Apple pencil lying across it, paper color swatches, and green leaves of a plant creeping into the frame at the bottom of the image.
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The Technical Side of Launching a Website

Know what’s ahead before your site goes live

October 19, 2021

At Mangrove, building websites is a collaborative process. Our team does a lot, but the client and other industry professionals also play an essential role. Knowing what’s involved on the technical side of your site going live will help you prepare for a successful launch.

A laptop computer is open on a desk with two hands typing. A second computer screen is in the background.
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Who Is Responsible for Online Privacy?

Online privacy: me or we?

October 4, 2021

We are increasingly aware that online privacy is an illusion in many cases. After a stream of privacy investigations, publicized data breaches, and insider leaks, trust is plummeting and it appears that most efforts from governments and Tech Giants to deliver change have fallen short. The issues involved in online privacy are complicated, and placing responsibility for protecting personal data solely on the individual web visitor is unrealistic and misplaced. The one thing most of us can agree upon is that personal data must be protected. So, as an organization with a website, where does that responsibility land?

Three people are seen from above. They are seated and sharing a computer. Their heads and faces are not visible, but you can see their arms pointing at the computer screen.
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