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Women Owned Agency

A Monumental Milestone

15 years of growth and creativity

June 28, 2024

This May, Mangrove celebrated 15 years in business. In the last decade and a half, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of changemaking organizations, from non-profits to large mission-driven corporations in the USA and Canada. These opportunities have allowed us to use our expertise of building websites and brands to tangibly support a wide range of our clients’ meaningful work. As we move into another new chapter, we revisit some of the pivotal moments of our past and offer a glimpse of where we’re headed next. Join us…

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How our Agency is Supporting Women in Tech and Beyond

Why it matters

September 21, 2021

As a women-led business, our team is committed to supporting other women in the workforce and within our communities, but the reasons go far beyond old-fashioned feminism. Supporting other women is smart business that has positive ripple effects on our society and our planet.

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